Common Dreams - Melbourne 2010

Living the Progressive Religion Dream, the second Common Dreams conference, was held at St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne in April 2010 featuring Gretta Vosper and Hugh Mackay who delivered major public addresses. 

Gretta, a rather controversial United Church of Canada minister and author of With Or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important than What We Believe, was called by Bishop Spong as being “a brilliant, insightful and courageous young woman …. one of the most exciting voices in 21st century Christianity”. Hugh is a well known Australian social commentator.

Other noted figures who made contributions to the very successful event included Sir Lloyd Geering, Peter Kennedy, Val Webb, Rabbi Aviva Kipen,  Margaret Mayman, Jason Davies-Kildea, and Francis Macnab.

Publications from Common Dreams 2010

The following are papers that were delivered at Commondreams 2010. Click on the items below to view or download them.